How to Find the MAC address on Nintendo Switch

How to Find the MAC address on Nintendo Switch

If you own a Nintendo Switch, you might want to find out how to locate the MAC address of your device. This article is about how to find your MAC address and why you would want to do that.

What is a MAC address?

A MAC (Media Access Control) address is a sequence of characters that identifies a device on a network. Many devices, such as computers, routers, and game consoles (like the Nintendo Switch) use this system. The MAC address is tied to your NIC, a chip on the device's circuit board that converts data into electrical signals to send over the internet. This data can be a string of letters, a binary file, or any other types of data.

When a device gets produced, it is assigned a MAC address, which is hard-coded on your NIC.

Why Would I Need to Know?

Knowing a MAC address is useful for identifying problems with your IP address or blocking hackers. A network administrator can configure the router to only accept signals from known MAC addresses, so if a hacker tries to access the network, he will be blocked.

How do I find the MAC address?

First, go to Settings on your Nintendo Switch.

Scroll down to "Internet".

Below the Connection status will be a number that will look something like this:

That is your Switch's MAC address.